Saturday, February 23, 2008

Passing the winter blahhs!

Wow, it sure has been a while since I posted on my puter. I've been hiburrrrrnating since it's been lousy winter lately. Let's see, I gotta go back and see where I left off in my last post... Be right back... Oh, that's right it was right before Christmas. Well, let me tell you, either I wasn't as bad as I thought I was last year or Ma and Pop make big deals out of everything! That's because I made quite the haul from Santa Paws. Just take a look at all of this:

Snausages, Schmaklepuffs, denta-bones, all kinds of toys and other treats. That's me and my cat brother Frodo going through our Christmas stockings. Frodo got some yummy treats too. I know cause I stoled some of them! Don't tell him okay?
Is there any more in there?
If you look real close you can see my stuffed snake toy I got too. It has six squeakers in it! That's a lot of tearing up to do 'cause that's what I like to do. Tear out the squeakers. Some lady at Pet Smart told my Ma I like to do it 'cause it sounds like a wounded animal and I am going for the kill. That sounds horrible 'cause I just like to tear up stuff. On to other updates: I didn't go pee pee on the tree, I was so proud. But I did destroy the towel thingy wrapped around the standy up thing the tree was in. I just couldn't resist. But I didn't drink the water like Frodo did. Ew, he's gross sometimes. That big thing across the street on the neighbour lady's lawn is gone. I didn't pee on that either. I did pee on her flower bed a few times though. After all that happened, it was new years. Th best part of January first is January fifth is My Birfday! Yeah for me, I'm three!
Here I am with my birthday cake. I sat like a good boy, just like Ma said so Pop could take my picture.
I even shared some of my cake with Frodo. Coming up I'll tell you all about my vacation at Best Friends Salon and Spa.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, the main reason I got back to posting is 'cause my Uncle Rickster put a linky link to my blog from his blog and I wanted to make sure I updated, which I will make it a point to do more often now that I might be getting more readers. Don't want you getting stale news. Anyway, here's a link to his blog in case you wanna read it. He doesn't have any doggies or kitties but he's the bestest uncle ever. Oh, and if you do wanna read his blog, sometimes it has dirty words on it, so I don't want any of my doggie friends or their parents to get offended. He's funny though and pretty smart too. Okay, here's the link if you wanna leave a comment tell him Bumbler sent ya.


Cerpts said...

Thank you for the linky link, Bumbler. Ahhh, I may not have any doggies or kitties as you say but there STILL seem to be a lot of kitties about. . .they're called Gypsy and Tippy and Wiley and Cracker. . .even though I'm not responsible for such shenanigans. I'd much rather hang out with you than these cats who make my allergies feel like I've got the flu! Even your brother Frodo doesn't do that to me.

CoCo said...

Bumbler...its been a while! I'm glad you got lots of X-Mas presents. I did too! You've even gone through a birthday...I hope it was great! You definitely should post more blogs...I enjoy fellow Puggles' little update on their adventures. Have you joined Dogs With Blogs? That site will introduce you to many more blogging doggy friends. I hope that all is well and I'll keep up with your blog!

Puggle Hugs,
CoCo Puff