Sunday, December 7, 2008


WOW what a weekend, first we hear about Santa Paws coming soon and then as if on cue, it started to snow tonight! I love snow! Ruby never saw snow before tonight, this is her first winter!

Ruby gets her first experience with snow! She wasn't sure what was going on at first but she figured it out pretty quick. Pop made her a snowball and she played with it until she broke it.

Then Pop made me a snowball and I don't play with them, they are like a winter delicacy to me. Almost like a snow cone. Just don't eat the yellow ones.

After we played for awhile, ate some snowballs, and frolicked, Pop decided to throw some snow at me and Ruby. Ruby ran away but I got a big plop right on the head as you can see in the video. And you can hear Ma and Pop thought it was kind of funny. I did not!


Sorry if the videos are hard to see, this was my Pops first time trying the new video camera.

We Just got the news...

It's December and that means that it's almost Christmas. I gotta get my list together!

I got the news that Santa Paws was coming soon! Time to be a real good boy!

And a little bit of kissing up couldn't hurt!

Ruby got the news too but didn't know how to take it.

So she went into shock!

Until we decided to play a little bitey face.

I was winning.

I don't think this is what Santa Paws has in mind when he says we better be good for goodness sake!

So we got real tired and decided to take a nap and have visions of sugar plums ... wait, who am I kidding, I had visions of Schmacklepuffs!

Ruby just dreams about raw hides!

Then she woke up and decided she wanted to know more about this Santa Paws. So Ma and Pa told her all about him and she couldn't help but notice the part about Santa Paws only visiting the good doggies.

Just the good ones? Really? Uh oh!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My New Stomping Grounds!

Well it has been a while since I have updated this blog so I guess it's well past time I got in gear and gave you some of the news on what happened to me this past summer. Earlier this year my folks decided it was time to buy something called a house and move out of our apartment. The apartment was the only home I ever knew since I was just a pup. I came home to our apartment when I was just eight weeks old and I didn't know what it would be like to live somewhere else. After they knew where the house was and knew we were moving (I was glad to hear Ruby and I were going too!) all they could talk about was how much Ruby and I was going to love the new house (but they've been wrong before, they said I would love having a little sister, OK, I like her a little bit I guess so they were not technically "wrong" but close enough for country music!). The also kept mentioning something called a back yard. Well, for any of you that don't know what a back yard is, let me tell you that you are certainly missing out! Here's some pictures of me and Ruby enjoying the new house, especially the back yard!

Lot's of grass, and trees, and a bench and there's a shed out there that Pop uses for the lawn stuff.
I think that's the same picture only further away. The yard is fenced in so I get to run around where ever I want but part of the fence has spaces in it that are wide enough that Ruby could slip through so she either has to go out on a leash or get tied to the run. Whenever I get tired of being bothered by her I just go where she can't go. She doesn't mind being outside tied up by herself either, but if Ma and Pop goes back into the house I like to come back in with them.

I smell something! I think Ruby does too! It's like having our very own little park. Pop even plays fetch with me. I like the tennis ball but Ruby chases anything, even sticks, and then she chews them, she's silly like that. She has also decided that she likes to take her new rawhide chews outside to let them "age". I guess to get tenderized by the weather. One of them got tenderized real good when Pop ran it over with the lawn mower! It made a really loud noise but now it's the Rubester's favorite piece of rawhide! Go fig!

I think this squirrel that trespassed into my backyard might be what we were sniffing in the other picture. We named him "Secret Squirrel" because wherever he goes when we are outside must be a secret.

Or maybe we were smelling the "Wasciwy Wabbit" that Ruby has gotten very close to catching. She did catch a smaller rabbit and a bird. Ma was kinda upset when she found them lying in the backyard. Ruby's a hunter though, that's what she does. I guess I'm more of a lover cause I don't go after them like she does.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bumbler: At the Movies

My Uncle Rickster decided to dog tag me and asked me to list my top ten favorite movies of all time. Well I couldn’t let him down so I asked my Ma and Pop for some help and I came up with my list. They are in no particular order unless random is a particular order:

101 Dalmatians - not the live action one, give me animation any day. I once spent an entire week trying to count all of them and then I counted the spots just for fun. For the record, the little girl, I think she’s number 42, is howling-ly cute and she does it for me. So much so that I got ink all over the carpet.

Underdog - Well, this is not animated but it does star a beagle as the hero which I is half of so I give it some credit for being very well filmed and close to historically correct. Don’t get me started on that Sweet Polly Purebread. WOOF! I’d give her one of my smacklepuffs any day and you know how I feel about smacklepuffs.

Homeward Bound - This one almost didn’t make the list but Frodo swore to me he would kill me in my sleep if I didn’t put it in here. He has a crush on that Sassy cat chick. So I put it in here cause he knows where I sleep. And I do that often.

Benji - Not only one of my favorites but one of my Pop’s favorites too. We love to bop to the Charlie Rich “I Feel Love” theme song. I give it 4 and a half bones.

Because of Wynne Dixie - This one is not only a good movie about a dog that smiles (it really does, I swear) but it also has Dave Matthews in it. A fact that will surely make my Uncle Rickster run out and buy it. NOT!

Cujo - To everyone else this is a horror movie. To me it’s like watching Diehard and seeing Bruce Willis die in the first movie. I hope to some day be like Cujo just take out the rabies and stuff.

The Fox and the Hound - A pawsome movie that teaches racial tolerance without being preachy. Who doesn’t love this movie? Say you don't and you're just asking for a ruff round of bitey face.

Lady and the Tramp - Another Disney animated classic. This one gives me happy ears. Also notice I resisted the urge to put the default picture of them eating the spskettis and meatballs that leads to their kiss and put a totally different picture cause that’s how I roll. And that Lady ... (sighs) I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating kibble that's for sure!

Beethoven - I tried for years to tell myself that this was a Cujo prequel but then I realized I don’t know what a prequel is, but it’s still a good movie. I would go as far as to call it bone - a - rific!

The Wizard of Oz - Think about the celluloid landscape if this movie or book for that matter were never made. Yep, there would be no LOST without this movie and we would be without that great quote “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!”. That would be a sad world to live in.

That’s my list and I’m sticking to it.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm Back!

Wow, so much has happened in the past few months! The next couple of posts should bring you up to date with what has been going on in my world.

In April Ma and Pa brought home a little sister for me. She is all Beagle (poor thing doesn't have the distinction of being a designer doggie like me!) and her name is Ruby! Ruby is 7 months old now and I have been busy trying to teach her how to be a great dog like me. When she first came home she peed like every 10 minutes, and lets not talk about how much she could poop! But finally Ma and Pa think she is pretty well housebroke. She has learned not to make my cheeks bleed when playing bitey face and she has gotten pretty good at playing tug o war , I let her win sometimes when she was smaller but now she can win for real sometimes. I taught her not to bite Frodos ears, but I can't seem to keep her from eating his poop! Maybe she'll outgrow it like I did.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poor Mr. Yellow Star

He came into my life about a month ago. At first it was a very distant relationship. I did not play with him very much. I did notice he had a squeaker that eventually would have to dealt with but I decided to bide my time and just see what would happen. I slept with him a couple of times. That was okay, he was certainly no leopard print ball that we won't talk about what happened to either at this time. Then just today, I don't know what happened. I was just lying there and he looked at me funny. I mean he had major attitude. I could have elected to act like I didn't notice it but then what kind of message would that have been sending? So I showed him just who was boss. No longer will he lie there taunting me. He has gone on to plushie toy heaven. He is literally just a shell of his former self. There have been times when I denied that it was me that caused the carnage, but not this time. I stood there, okay lied there in all my glory and allowed Ma and Pa to see what i had been up to. The proud hunter had returned from the forest and he had slain the yellow fuzzy star.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gotcha Day

There I was in the kitchen on the paper the first night in my new forever home. This was my gotcha day three years ago. That was my first blue collar that I got so everyone knew I was a boy. I still remember I cried a lot that night and Pop came to cuddle me up some but I went right back to sleep. The next night I was fine. Ma and Pop was really happy that on my second night I slept through the whole night without whining once. My first night home I wouldn't walk on the sidewalk though. Ma had to carry me to the grass. I was also afraid of the dark when we went outside. They had a night lite for me in the kitchen so it wasn't too bad in there at night. Well, I've come a long way in three years; now I sleep with my folks in their bed. I have the roam of the house when they go to work (except for the bathroom they leave that door shut all the time). I'm not that afraid of the dark anymore although I don't like to be outside at night for very long. I'm 9 weeks old in that picture. Wow time sure does fly.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Back in January Ma and Pop went on a cation, whatever that is, to some Dizzy World place. Last time they went on a cation they went "down the shore" as they say in New Joisey and they had to put me in boarding school. Well, the doctor people do boarding as well as give me needles apparently, so that's where I went last time. Let me tell you I didn't like it, not a bit. They put me in a little cage and only took me out of it for a couple of minutes at a time and only three times a day. The kept telling me I could go potty in it if I wanted to and it would fall underneath. Well, I only go potty outside. I didn't poop for the entire four days I was there and only ate my food for two of the days. I had no place to put the food anyway by day three. Ma and Pop knew I hated it and they didn't want to take me back there this time cause they were going to be away for nine whole days. Ma did some puter searching and found a place called Best Friends right down the street from my house (don't know why they didn't know it was there before) and it's called a resort and spa not a boarding school place. So guess what, I went on a cation of my own too. Here's a picture of me with Shanna (I think that was her name) my Best Friend while I was on cation. We had lots of fun. Besides being able to bring my own food, my Smacklepuffs, a ball to play with, and a rawhide bone for me to chew on, Ma and Pop splurged and got me the Precious Pooch package.

Here's what I got in the Precious Pooch package; a playgroup where I played with other dogs for almost an hour every day I was there, I also got playtime where Shanna or one of the other people that worked there would take me outside and play with just me. All by myself, every day! Then I got cuddle time every night when they said it was time for bed. Shanna or one of the other girls would come in and hug me and kiss me and talk to me and love me up before nightie nite time. Oh and every day I got a Kong treat toy to play with and check this out, I got bottled water. When I would go to sleep at night I got an orthopedic mattress to sleep on.

Boy did I have fun. I even got a report card where they told Ma and Pop about my cation. Let's see I'll tell you what it says. It says I was active, friendly, happy, excited, and cuddly when it was time for playtime and cuddle time. Well, duh! Even though I was hungry and what I ate I did gobble it up pretty fast I was very selective and I didn't eat everything they gave me. Uh, about the potty problems I had before, they wrote and I quote "No worries here! Regular and daily." Yeah, I liked it better. My personality was described as happy, friendly, playful, loving, and energetic. There's also another box checked and that gets an entire paragraph all to itself.

They said I was very loud and talkative. I wined and cried and barked. A lot. In fact they said I was the second loudest doggie they ever - I repeat ever had stay at the spa. The only one they said was louder than me was Butkus. He's a bull mastiff. Guess that means I was really loud huh? Then the day came that Ma and Pop was coming to pick me up. I got the spa treatment that day. I got a bath, brushed, my ears cleaned, my nails clipped, me teeth brushed, and I smelled real good and looked very handsome. I was glad to see Ma and Pop again but I was sad to leave my friends at Best Friends. I hope Ma and Pop goes on cation again and take me back to see Shanna and all the other people there. I had a great cation. (And we did to. - Pop)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Passing the winter blahhs!

Wow, it sure has been a while since I posted on my puter. I've been hiburrrrrnating since it's been lousy winter lately. Let's see, I gotta go back and see where I left off in my last post... Be right back... Oh, that's right it was right before Christmas. Well, let me tell you, either I wasn't as bad as I thought I was last year or Ma and Pop make big deals out of everything! That's because I made quite the haul from Santa Paws. Just take a look at all of this:

Snausages, Schmaklepuffs, denta-bones, all kinds of toys and other treats. That's me and my cat brother Frodo going through our Christmas stockings. Frodo got some yummy treats too. I know cause I stoled some of them! Don't tell him okay?
Is there any more in there?
If you look real close you can see my stuffed snake toy I got too. It has six squeakers in it! That's a lot of tearing up to do 'cause that's what I like to do. Tear out the squeakers. Some lady at Pet Smart told my Ma I like to do it 'cause it sounds like a wounded animal and I am going for the kill. That sounds horrible 'cause I just like to tear up stuff. On to other updates: I didn't go pee pee on the tree, I was so proud. But I did destroy the towel thingy wrapped around the standy up thing the tree was in. I just couldn't resist. But I didn't drink the water like Frodo did. Ew, he's gross sometimes. That big thing across the street on the neighbour lady's lawn is gone. I didn't pee on that either. I did pee on her flower bed a few times though. After all that happened, it was new years. Th best part of January first is January fifth is My Birfday! Yeah for me, I'm three!
Here I am with my birthday cake. I sat like a good boy, just like Ma said so Pop could take my picture.
I even shared some of my cake with Frodo. Coming up I'll tell you all about my vacation at Best Friends Salon and Spa.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, the main reason I got back to posting is 'cause my Uncle Rickster put a linky link to my blog from his blog and I wanted to make sure I updated, which I will make it a point to do more often now that I might be getting more readers. Don't want you getting stale news. Anyway, here's a link to his blog in case you wanna read it. He doesn't have any doggies or kitties but he's the bestest uncle ever. Oh, and if you do wanna read his blog, sometimes it has dirty words on it, so I don't want any of my doggie friends or their parents to get offended. He's funny though and pretty smart too. Okay, here's the link if you wanna leave a comment tell him Bumbler sent ya.