Sunday, December 7, 2008


WOW what a weekend, first we hear about Santa Paws coming soon and then as if on cue, it started to snow tonight! I love snow! Ruby never saw snow before tonight, this is her first winter!

Ruby gets her first experience with snow! She wasn't sure what was going on at first but she figured it out pretty quick. Pop made her a snowball and she played with it until she broke it.

Then Pop made me a snowball and I don't play with them, they are like a winter delicacy to me. Almost like a snow cone. Just don't eat the yellow ones.

After we played for awhile, ate some snowballs, and frolicked, Pop decided to throw some snow at me and Ruby. Ruby ran away but I got a big plop right on the head as you can see in the video. And you can hear Ma and Pop thought it was kind of funny. I did not!


Sorry if the videos are hard to see, this was my Pops first time trying the new video camera.

We Just got the news...

It's December and that means that it's almost Christmas. I gotta get my list together!

I got the news that Santa Paws was coming soon! Time to be a real good boy!

And a little bit of kissing up couldn't hurt!

Ruby got the news too but didn't know how to take it.

So she went into shock!

Until we decided to play a little bitey face.

I was winning.

I don't think this is what Santa Paws has in mind when he says we better be good for goodness sake!

So we got real tired and decided to take a nap and have visions of sugar plums ... wait, who am I kidding, I had visions of Schmacklepuffs!

Ruby just dreams about raw hides!

Then she woke up and decided she wanted to know more about this Santa Paws. So Ma and Pa told her all about him and she couldn't help but notice the part about Santa Paws only visiting the good doggies.

Just the good ones? Really? Uh oh!