Monday, March 10, 2008


Back in January Ma and Pop went on a cation, whatever that is, to some Dizzy World place. Last time they went on a cation they went "down the shore" as they say in New Joisey and they had to put me in boarding school. Well, the doctor people do boarding as well as give me needles apparently, so that's where I went last time. Let me tell you I didn't like it, not a bit. They put me in a little cage and only took me out of it for a couple of minutes at a time and only three times a day. The kept telling me I could go potty in it if I wanted to and it would fall underneath. Well, I only go potty outside. I didn't poop for the entire four days I was there and only ate my food for two of the days. I had no place to put the food anyway by day three. Ma and Pop knew I hated it and they didn't want to take me back there this time cause they were going to be away for nine whole days. Ma did some puter searching and found a place called Best Friends right down the street from my house (don't know why they didn't know it was there before) and it's called a resort and spa not a boarding school place. So guess what, I went on a cation of my own too. Here's a picture of me with Shanna (I think that was her name) my Best Friend while I was on cation. We had lots of fun. Besides being able to bring my own food, my Smacklepuffs, a ball to play with, and a rawhide bone for me to chew on, Ma and Pop splurged and got me the Precious Pooch package.

Here's what I got in the Precious Pooch package; a playgroup where I played with other dogs for almost an hour every day I was there, I also got playtime where Shanna or one of the other people that worked there would take me outside and play with just me. All by myself, every day! Then I got cuddle time every night when they said it was time for bed. Shanna or one of the other girls would come in and hug me and kiss me and talk to me and love me up before nightie nite time. Oh and every day I got a Kong treat toy to play with and check this out, I got bottled water. When I would go to sleep at night I got an orthopedic mattress to sleep on.

Boy did I have fun. I even got a report card where they told Ma and Pop about my cation. Let's see I'll tell you what it says. It says I was active, friendly, happy, excited, and cuddly when it was time for playtime and cuddle time. Well, duh! Even though I was hungry and what I ate I did gobble it up pretty fast I was very selective and I didn't eat everything they gave me. Uh, about the potty problems I had before, they wrote and I quote "No worries here! Regular and daily." Yeah, I liked it better. My personality was described as happy, friendly, playful, loving, and energetic. There's also another box checked and that gets an entire paragraph all to itself.

They said I was very loud and talkative. I wined and cried and barked. A lot. In fact they said I was the second loudest doggie they ever - I repeat ever had stay at the spa. The only one they said was louder than me was Butkus. He's a bull mastiff. Guess that means I was really loud huh? Then the day came that Ma and Pop was coming to pick me up. I got the spa treatment that day. I got a bath, brushed, my ears cleaned, my nails clipped, me teeth brushed, and I smelled real good and looked very handsome. I was glad to see Ma and Pop again but I was sad to leave my friends at Best Friends. I hope Ma and Pop goes on cation again and take me back to see Shanna and all the other people there. I had a great cation. (And we did to. - Pop)


CoCo said...

Sounds like you had a grand time! Your mini vacation sounded swell. Now you need to convince your Ma and Pa to mimmick your Best Friend Resort treatment at home!

CoCo Puff

Cerpts said...

Lookatchoo, you party animal!

Puggle Preston said...

Hi! bumbler, how is it going? sounds like you had a great vacation. You got to play with all those toys shown in the picture? Sure sounds like a resort!


Faere said...

CoCo - they try but they are only oomans after all. Not nearly as smart as us.

Preston - It was like a toy heaven, everything you could think of that squeeks, bounces, and tears real good they had lots of.