Saturday, May 12, 2012

So Much Has Happened (since my last post)

 Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything... A lot has happened!!  Mom and Dad say my di a beat us is under control and that I am very good about getting my shots twice a day.  My vet, Dr. Faulls, agrees!  I really like her, except when she says not to eat too many treats.
  We had an addition to the family in December.. 
We adopted Zack from the Animal Welfare Association.  He came to NJ from a shelter in GA.  I overheard Dad tell someone that Zack was on death row but we saved him.  Don't know what that all means, but I'm glad I have a little brother,  He is about a year old but that was all we knew. Mom and Dad did a DNA test on him and we learned that he is a mix of Welsh Terrier (25%), Brittany Spaniel (25%), Weimeraner (25%), Jack Russell, Bull Dog and Pulli (11% for all 3) and oddly 14% Chinese Crested!

So my folks decided to do the DNA test on me and Ruby. We all know that I have always been a BIG puggle, I weigh 34 pounds now but I was 42 pounds before I got sick. Well... turns out I'm a second generation puggle. My father was a pug/beagle mix but my mother was a pug/English Foxhound mix! Well I still say i am a puggle!!
Ruby was the last to be tested. We always thought she was pure beagle. But as she got older, it looked like her legs were too short and her body too round (sorry Ruby) to be all beagle. Mom thought she was part Basset Hound, and Dad agreed. We were all really surprised to find out she is 3/4Bbeagle and 1/4 Pembroke Welsh Corgi! So that explains the slightly pointy nose, short legs and the fluffy fur around her chest and neck.
We are quite the mixed up happy family!!!