Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Monstrosity across the street and bringing the outside in

It all started a few days ago. Ma and Pop brought a tree inside the house. I think they did this before but I don't remember it being on the floor like it is in this picture. That's me checking it out in my sweater. (We did bring one in before but we put in on top of a small table and it was a much smaller tree last year. Better safe than sorry. -Ma)

Now, it's a little bit difficult for me see cause usually when these are outside, I pee on them. I try to hit all of them (Even when it's pouring outside!-Pop) so as to not have any of them left out. I've been growed up for a while now and I don't go pee in the house. But I'm a little conflicted. I've been good so far. I think my need for a neat and clean pee pee free home is more important to me than leaving a message on the tree. Nobody here to get the message but Frodo and I don't think he really cares anyway.

Although he did come out to inspect the tree with me. Ma keeps yelling at him cause he drinks water from the thing the tree is in. He's a weirdo.

As if that wasn't bad enough just yesterday the neighbour lady puts this thing out on her lawn. But guess what, Ma and Pop say I can't pee on it. What gives? It's outside, I'm outside, and that's where I go pee. There's even a tree on that thing, can you see it? Now I'm even more confused. Pop said we wouldn't have to worry about it if he had something called a "Babie Gun" or something like that. Wonder what that does?
Now for the latest so you are up to date on all the weird goings on at Casa de Bumbler. It appears that Ma and Pop decided to put all kinds of things on the tree. Lights and everything! I even tried to help but I'm not good at it. I got all tangled up in these things. Help! More pictures of the tree and of course me, later. It's almost Christmas! Yeah!

Your Puggle Pal Bumbler

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