Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gotcha Day

There I was in the kitchen on the paper the first night in my new forever home. This was my gotcha day three years ago. That was my first blue collar that I got so everyone knew I was a boy. I still remember I cried a lot that night and Pop came to cuddle me up some but I went right back to sleep. The next night I was fine. Ma and Pop was really happy that on my second night I slept through the whole night without whining once. My first night home I wouldn't walk on the sidewalk though. Ma had to carry me to the grass. I was also afraid of the dark when we went outside. They had a night lite for me in the kitchen so it wasn't too bad in there at night. Well, I've come a long way in three years; now I sleep with my folks in their bed. I have the roam of the house when they go to work (except for the bathroom they leave that door shut all the time). I'm not that afraid of the dark anymore although I don't like to be outside at night for very long. I'm 9 weeks old in that picture. Wow time sure does fly.

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Jersey said...

Cute puppy! We're probably getting our Jersey a little brother soon ..may I ask where you got it?