Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Caught In The Act

It looks like Ma and Pop got a new camera. Better than their old phones that they used to try and take my picture with. However, it does have a downside. Now it looks like I was caught red pawed. But I weren't.

All I was trying to do was tell Pa that someone came in and grabbed my Do-Do and ripped him apart. It's true, see:

He got the stuffing knocked out of him. Oh no! Man Down! Man Down! I'd try to call for backup but with my luck I would only get help from Frodo. Speaking of which, I wonder where he was when this tragedy occurred? I need to investigate and figure out what happened cause I sure didn't do it.



Puggle Preston said...

was the squeaker missing or destroyed, detective Bumbler? If it was, it must have been the same monster attacking all my toys...hmmm..

Preston the puggle

Faere said...

The squeaker was destroyed, but I did that er ... someone did that a few days ago which made Ma try and sew it back together but it didn't work. Good thing I asked Santa Paws for lots of toys.